Traditional Thanksgiving Decorating

traditional thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often passed over in the decorating arena as we move from Halloween directly into the Christmas season.  Sure, most of us celebrate Thanksgiving; turkeys are purchased and roasted, pumpkin pies are baked and consumed, cranberry sauce is prepared and served and rolls are devoured by the dozens.  We celebrate this holiday with friends and family.  It is one of the most traveled holidays of the year. And yet, many times we decorate for Halloween and then go straight into Christmas decorating.

Decorating for this holiday does not have to be elaborate to have an impact. Thanksgiving does not require a tree or ornaments.  It does not necessitate going to the store and purchasing copious amounts of seasonal accoutrements.  However, adding a few items to our home decorating to signify the importance and advent of Thanksgiving will help to facilitate a more memorable holiday.

One of the easiest ways to decorate during this time is by using traditional fall colors.  Fall colors include burnt orange, mustard yellow, olive green and rust red. Browns and other earthy and harvest hued colors all have their place in fall’s color palette. A simple way to add Thanksgiving flair to your home decorating is with a fall hued rug.  Adding a rich orange or red rug to your living room will help facilitate your Thanksgiving decorating.  Find a color and hue that will not clash with the basic items you have in the room, furniture, wall color, etc.  You may wish to remove items that are in the room continually throughout the year to make way for fall themed accessories.  Once you have decided on a fall colored rug, add complimentary pillows and artwork.  Baskets and items reminiscent of harvest time have their places in this decorating theme.

Thanksgiving decorating can be carried throughout the house.  You will likely be spending time in the kitchen in preparation for your festive meal.  Adding a mustard yellow or burnt orange rug will immediately bring a change to your kitchen’s appearance.  Wooden pumpkins and kitschy pilgrims can be placed atop counters or cabinets.  You may choose to use a traditional cornucopia as the centerpiece of your dining room and add an autumn runner rug in front of your food serving area to delineate traffic flow.

Fall colors can be added to bedrooms with special blankets or sheets.  Bathrooms can be perked up by changing towels and rugs to fall colored ones. Even the exterior of your house can be decorated easily with the addition of Thanksgiving wreaths on the exterior doors and outdoor rugs places to welcome visitors to your home.

This is an important time of year that many of us celebrate.  Adding to the festive feel can be easy when you enhance your decoration by adding Thanksgiving touches.  Utilizing fall colors will transform your home into a Thanksgiving decorated living area.  Adding rugs and changing textiles are simple ways to change the look and feel of our home and make it feel decorated for the holiday season and festivities.

Fran is an expert contributing author happy sharing her ideas about home decorating for thanksgiving. She offers a variety of tips and ideas including her favorite source for red rugs and other colored area rugs.

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