Tis The Season – For a Halloween Gift!


Yes, yes, I know that Halloween gifts are not traditional, but really, why not?  Aren’t you tired of giving (and receiving) pumpkin shaped cookies and trays of candied and caramel apples?  Why NOT give a Halloween gift instead?

Giving a Halloween gift can be a unique and unusual way to show someone that you care about them, and it can show them your true individuality, not just in giving a gift for a Holiday on which gifts are not traditionally exchanged, but by putting a bit of your own uniqueness into your choice of Halloween gifts.

Halloween gifts can be as simple, or as complex as you want them to be.  If you are looking for simple, try things like Halloween-themed socks and shirts, both of which are available at most clothing stores at this time of year.  Wrap them up in black or orange tissue paper and tie them with contrasting ribbon.  Another simple gift is scented candles.  Choose things like pumpkin, vanilla, spice, cinnamon or candles in colors that bring to mind the season and the holiday.  Add in a creative Halloween-themed candle-holder and you’re sure to have a hit!

If you want to be a little more creative, try putting together a gift basket tailored to the individual you are giving it to.  Purchase a black or orange basket – or better yet, a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin, and fill it with strange and unusual things such as you would put in a Christmas stocking; bookmarks, jewelry, pens, pencils, notebooks and other similar items.

The idea of the gift basket can be adapted for everyone on your gift list.  From plastic pumpkins used to hold stocking-like items for children, to more creatively decorated baskets to fill with candles and soaps and other seasonal items, you can fill your baskets with traditional Halloween items or choose a theme, such as vampire, wizard or other topic and choose your gifts accordingly.  No matter what you choose to put in them, however, you will definitely make a distinct impression with a Halloween gift basket.

For the truly gothic-minded, try purchasing something special that is black or vampire-themed for those on your gift list.  If you are working on a tight budget, try visiting your local craft store where you can buy plain black handkerchiefs, hats or t-shirts which you can then decorate simply with everything from buttons to patches to iron-on decals.

Then of course there are books that you can purchase for those who are interested in topics ranging from the history of Halloween to superstitions, mysterious disappearances, crop circles, alien contact and topics like spell-casting and Wiccan based themes.

No matter what type of gift you choose, and no matter how you choose to wrap or present it, know that by giving a Halloween gift you will be creating your own Halloween tradition, and one which could very well catch on for everyone involved.

Source: http://education.ezinemark.com/tis-the-season-for-a-halloween-gift-7d312b6c17c9.html

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