Fathers Day Gift Baskets


Gift baskets are generally a collection of articles and items that have universal appeal. Gift baskets can be presented on different occasions to various people. One of the advantages of gift baskets is that they are collections of small items. Therefore, these items can be more useful than a single gift. Also, the items can sometimes last for a longer time than a single article.

Gift baskets are excellent gifts for Father’s Day. There are few things more satisfying than a collection of things fathers like on Father’s Day. Father’s Day gift baskets are available in a large variety.

A Father’s Day gift basket can consist of almost anything. Mostly, the gift baskets contain articles and items of male interest. For example, there are food crates available, which consist of cheese, sausage, root beer, and a cheese knife and meat pie.

Crates containing various kinds of processed meat like beef, chicken and mutton are available. Baskets containing beef sausages, smoked and dried beef sometimes are accompanied by honey mustard, milk cheddar cheese and crackers.

The other various concepts used while making gift baskets for Father’s Day are:

Golf Baskets: Dads enjoying golf will surely like this basket which contains of various pastries and chocolates in the shapes of golf balls, accessories like coffee mugs, and other golf-themed treats.

Fishing Gift Baskets: Men interested in fishing will definitely love the fishing-themed baskets. They contain various eatables, chocolates, wines, cakes and other liquors all wrapped in a fishing basket.

Grilling Baskets: The grilling baskets contain some of the most exotic marinating and grilling sauce and ketchup’s.

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How to Make a Birthday Gift Basket

how to make a gift basket

Birthday gift ideas are always hard to come up with. Nevertheless, everyone has pretty much received everything under the sun – from concert tickets to horrendous clothing from distant relatives. We all have experienced a bad birthday present. Therefore, we know we want to stay away from the terrible and try something unique. This is why many people are moving towards the birthday gift basket idea. It is not only a simple way to spice things up, but it lets you put a ton of different ideas into one overall gift.

If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pre made gift basket, it is quite easy to make one yourself. The first thing you need to do is buy a basket. Many craft stores have dozens of creative baskets with decorative paper to put inside. After buying what you need, it is essential to now think about a theme. For instance, if your friend is turning 21 years old, you need to make it wild and exciting. After all, this is an exciting turning point for any young adult. A creative way to spice up a 21 basket is to create a hangover kit. This could include a few shot glasses, their favorite type of alcohol, aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, and perhaps even a bottle opener. It is not only a fun way to tease your friend with the medicine, but it will get them excited about their birthday. It is necessary to create a basket that is full of fun and unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Depending upon who you are making the present for, you can create hundreds of different birthday gift baskets. For instance, if your brother or friend is a musician, you could make a music themed gift basket. This could include guitar strings, a music card to your local music shop, the hottest CD’s, guitar tabs, and perhaps even a new guitar strap. This would be a perfect gift basket, depending on the amount of money you want to spend.

If you are unsure of what to put in a gift basket, chocolate gifts will always do the trick. Since everyone loves candy, a chocolate assorted gift basket would work wonders. You could put gourmet chocolate and perhaps even add a mixture of other things. Coffee samples and a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts card would add a lot to the basket. Luckily, there are hundreds of online chocolate stores that will send you gourmet candy to put into the basket. Remember that you do not have to purchase an entire gift bag. There are many chocolate delivery stores that will sell you the candy separately.

No matter who you are buying for, creating a birthday gift basket would be ideal. The only thing you need to do is buy a simple basket, some colorful paper to put inside, and several gifts. The best part about this is that you can spend any amount of money! Even if you can afford a pre-made gift basket, it is still smart to create one yourself. It not only is a fun activity, but your friend will appreciate a lot more if it is from the heart.

Natalie Aranda writes on family and holiday celebration. Birthday gift ideas are always hard to come up with. Nevertheless, everyone has pretty much received everything under the sun – from concert tickets to horrendous clothing from distant relatives. If you are unsure of what to put in a gift basket, chocolate gifts will always do the trick. Since everyone loves candy, a chocolate assorted gift basket would work wonders. You could put gourmet chocolate and perhaps even add a mixture of other things.

Starting a Gift Basket Business


Take one cup of imagination, mix in a tablespoon of resourcefulness, and add a pinch of creativity. What do you have? The perfect recipe to start your own gift basket business.

Gift baskets are the most popular gift choice around the world and with good reason. They are made for every occasion, packed in a basket or other container and the foods and gifts used are limited only by your imagination.

The most popular themes are birthday, congratulations, good luck, get well and welcome to your new home. Products that fill most gift baskets are popcorn, pretzels, crackers and cheese, coffee, tea and pamper gifts such as foot soaps and body lotions. One Nashville, Tennessee gift basket maker shipped a pamper basket to Guam for Mother’s Day. “I put foot and body soaps, bubble bath, lotion a manicure set and nail brush in a hat box.”

To understand if this business is right for you, ask yourself three questions. 1. Am I a person who enjoys making crafts by hand?

2. Do I have an outgoing personality, willing to meet and greet new people each day?

3. Will I give myself time to find the products, services and support needed to make this business a success?

“I wanted something that let me be creative,” says a Fullerton, California-based gift basket entrepreneur who started her business seven years ago. She made felt bookmarks for co-workers and went to craft shows for ideas before reading a book that said gift baskets were a big business. “Why didn’t I think of that,” she wondered and has never looked back.

Making gift baskets is fun and easy, and you don’t have to spend your life savings to start. You’ll need an assortment of baskets, pre-packaged snacks, small gifts such as desk accessories, kitchen utensils, bath products, shredded tissue, cellophane and bows. Begin by searching for products at craft shops, discount stores and warehouse clubs that sell anything from cookies to caviar under one roof.

If you want to use containers as well as baskets, look for items with a hollow center. “I find containers wherever I go,” says a Reisterstown, Maryland gift basket professional who uses flower pots and tote bags. Sand buckets are a favorite for her children’s baskets because “in the summertime, kids have something to play with.” Crayons, coloring books, games and anything that “keeps them active” fill the colorful buckets.

Buy enough merchandise to make six to eight baskets in various themes. This assortment will show your creativity without stretching your budget or causing spatial chaos. The retail charge for an average basket is between $30 and $40, and your cost to make them is half the price. You’ll find yourself selling many baskets around Christmas followed by other holidays and occasions.

The best part about the gift basket business is that you’re not alone. There are videos to help you perfect your designs, adult schools that offer gift basket classes and camaraderie found on Internet message boards. These boards attract many who have joined this $1.5 billion industry, sharing information about new products, advertising and even swapping merchandise by mail.

Here are five steps to get you started with gift baskets.

1. Get educated. Take a gift basket or floral design class at a local community college. Learn the basics, and don’t be over critical of your work. Remember, this is fun, and your design is probably better than you think.

2. Watch your timing. Introduce your baskets during a holiday. The public buys gifts at the last minute, and the sales blitz will sell your baskets quickly.

3. Shop smart. Buy items in the most unlikely places. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs purchased products from grocery stores, flea markets and garage sales.

4. Seek help. This industry is as creative as it is supportive. If you need answers to questions, you’ll find solutions in magazines, on the Internet or by talking with colleagues at gift basket support groups based in communities throughout the country.

5. Think “out of the basket.” To set yourself apart from other gift basket entrepreneurs, consider using containers instead of or in addition to baskets. Painted boxes, children’s wagons, cookie tins and tea cups are some of the alternatives that gift basket makers use frequently.Gift baskets won’t make you wildly rich, but if you love to create memories, put smiles on faces and hunt for treasures, you’ll be rich in a different sense and happy you decided to start a gift basket business.

About the Author:
Shirley George Frazier is known worldwide as “the gift basket expert.” Her guidance helps thousands of individuals create the lifestyle of their dreams with gift baskets. Shirley conducts classes, speaks at conferences, and is author of How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business and The Gift Basket Design Book, the industry’s best-selling books. Sign up for Shirley’s free weekly newsletter at http://www.giftbasketbusiness.com/.

Personalized Door Mats – Great Gifts!


Personalized products are more favored by many customers today. It is kind of fulfillment when you personally design the stuff you will use. Innovation is actually the key in achieving something you want.

Some of the innumerable things that you can personalize are door mats. Mats are commonly placed on the floor entrance to avoid dirt that comes from your shoes or slippers. These are used for the protection of your flooring against possible scratches.

If you have not tried the personalized ones, find time to get one. It is unique and cool. The idea of having such will surely give a good feeling even by just stepping into your place.

You can be proud of your home with all its styles. Door mats are not only used at home. You can use it too in your office. Aside from that, it can be given as a gift when some of your friends recently bought a house. You can have it too even without special occasions. Whatever designs you want, it solely depends on you. You can place it anywhere you want.

When you do it by yourself, it makes the thing more special that you exert so much effort. It could also help you to impress your clients, visitors or even customer in your establishment. Having a good impression would definitely last.

Take time to go to the nearest stores that offer this service. Also, you can search online to find the best shop that offers your needs and wants. Surely, personalizing your door mats will be one of the things that you will be proud of.

The Author is an expert in article writing and has done a lot of research online and offline. Come visit her latest websites on Ballet Bar and Personalized Door Mat

Five Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to show the people in your life how much you care for them. Whether it’s through cards, flowers, chocolates, or another way, gifts on Valentine’s Day are a wonderful form of expression. Here are five excellent gift ideas you can use this Valentine’s Day:

Everyone loves picture frames. Try something different this Valentine’s Day by cutting a heart shape into a CD. You can use any CD you like, whether it’s a blank disc, or an old CD you just never use any more. Place a picture of yourself or of you and your loved one together in the center of the heart shaped CD, with the shiny side facing up. You have now created a beautiful handmade gift that’s simple, shiny, and something they will remember forever.

Girls love jewelry, so for the little girls in your life, try making a cute heart shaped Valentine’s Day themed necklace. You can find little bottles shaped like hearts with bubbles or perfume in them, attached to a necklace at many craft stores. Apply your own heart to the center of the pendant and write any phrase you like such as “sweet one” or “I love you”. They look adorable and have a nice custom touch when you create the heart label yourself.

 Trinket and jewelry boxes are a Valentine’s Day favorite. Spruce up an old tin by adding ribbon and printed phrases. Glue the ribbon around the edge of the tin, and use scrapbook or printed paper to apply to the top. Finish it off with some glitter and a pink ribbon, and you have a nice customized box that she’ll love to put her jewelry or other trinkets in.

Handmade jewelry is another sentimental Valentine’s favorite. Make pins using candy molds shaped like hearts and plaster of Paris. Mix the plaster well and pour it into the candy molds, and insert a small pin. When it’s dry, remove it from the mold and paint it. Apply a clear glaze or glazing spray to give it a finished look and to protect the pin. You now have a beautiful home made piece of jewelry that’s straight from the heart.

One of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts is something called “Daily Love.” Simply cut out small paper hearts using construction or sketch paper in different Valentine’s Day colors. Then, write something on each heart that tells the other person why or how much you love them. Put the small hearts in a jar or a nice box, and your loved one can pull one out each day to be reminded of just how much you truly love and care for them.

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