Have an Interesting and Happy Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day is a communal celebration marked as a sense of gratitude people feel for all the good things in life. This is done by offering prayers, gifting your near and dear ones. The fourth Thursday in the month of November is marked for the yearly celebration.

Thanksgiving Day 2011 is coming, you must want to have an interesting and happy Thanksgiving Day, Do you have some good idea? If your answer is “no”, you are so lucky, from this article , you will find a good way to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.

At the beginning , you need decorate your house, Thanksgiving is a time to decorate homes with wreaths, fresh and dried flowers. You can beautify their homes, give the interiors a whole new look and feel, light lamps to brighten the environment. Tables are adorned with best china and antique silver cutlery to mark the occasion.

The following is to send message, gift to the people who cares for you, who is special to you, who did something good to you – those who were present with you when you badly wanted their support, or those who brought smile on your face when you were in a pensive mood. Gift them a tight-warm hug, a beautiful flower, a pretty Thank You card or a beautiful Thanksgiving Day Gift (such as Jewellery , Flower Gift , Chocolates, dvd ipad converter , Gift Baskets ) to express your sincerest love and admiration for them. Think a little and there will be so many people whom you owe a big thanks.

Then you follow the custom of family dinner and reunion religiously, Distances don’t really matter as relatives drive down to be with their family. You can held feasts at home. Each year the Thanksgiving holiday provides a perfect opportunity for your family to create a new and long lasting tradition. Of course there is the standard turkey dinner, football game and possibly a nap to enjoy. But remember to have a Praying, to thank God for all his blessings and grace, to show gratitude to your friends and relatives for all the good deeds.

After the family dinner, the most interesting moment is coming, you can add a family game or two to your festivities . Just like Cornucopia Confusion, Where is Mr. Turkey, Turkey Hunt , etc. You can make a reward , for example , ipad, ipad video converter, or iphone, etc. As ipad has been the most popular Apple product, they will be very good reward . ok , let’s go to see these funny games.

You can begin with “Cornucopia Confusion” :all of the players will sit on chairs forming a circle. There should be one more player than there are chairs. The player without a chair is the leader. The leader points to each of the players naming them as she points with cornucopia names such as “Cranberry, Corn, Apple, Turkey, ” anything related to Thanksgiving. After names are chosen, the leader calls out two names, for instance. . .

“Turkey and potato!”. When she calls the names , those two players must quickly switch places. The leader keeps calling at a quick pace, until suddenly she says “The cornucopia has tipped over!” Everyone, including the leader, then scrambles for a new place. The player with out a seat, becomes the new leader. The leader may give the same name to more than one person. This game can be confusing at first, but it is also very fun!

Then go on with “Where is Mr. Turkey?” ; Instead of saying “warmer. . .cooler” you gobble?

One player is the farmer and the others are helpers. The farmer leaves
the room. The helpers hide a small toy turkey. The farmer returns with a mission to find the turkey. Helpers give clues by “gobbling” like turkeys.

If the farmer is far away from the turkey, the helpers gobble very quietly. As the hunter gets closer to the turkey, the helpers gobble will increase in volume until Mr. Turkey is found! Don’t forget the video camera! Go on with other games!

At last , there must be someone get the reward, it will be a very happy moment . I also remember that last Thanksgiving Day, I won the game , then I got a choice to realize one dream, so I got my dreaming ipad, It is so interesting, I think you’ll have an interesting and happy Thanksgiving Day, Good Luck!

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