Fall Gift Bag Ideas

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Create pretty fall-themed gift bags with a variety of simple materials and decorations. Use the hand-decorated bags for any occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as Thanksgiving or Halloween. Children and adults can make a these bags to have on hand when needed at a moment’s notice. Gift recipients may appreciate the crafted bag as much as the gift inside.




Buy plain gift bags with handles in assorted sizes and colors like metallic and fall colors. Collect decorations such as cutouts, foam and paper peel-and-stick images that include pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns, gourds, red, orange and yellow fall leaves and flowers. Look for small pieces of mat board to create tags. Other supplies can be markers, decorative papers, double-sided tape, glue sticks, plain and fancy scissors, hole puncher, strips of fall-colored ribbon and a hot glue gun.

Making Bags




Decorative paper gift bags

Lay a handled paper bag on a work table and arrange three or four fall leaves on the side to be decorated. Arrange other decorations as desired for an interesting design. (See the fall gift bag above). When satisfied with the layout, hot glue the leaves to the bag.

To make a gift tag, cut a piece of mat board into a 3 1/2-inch by 2 1/2-inch piece. Snip the corners and punch a hole at the narrow end. Add a bit of decorative paper with double-sided tape and write “A Gift for You” on it with a marker. Slip two strips of ribbon through the hole and hot glue the tag to the center of the bag on top of the fall leaves. Add peel and stick stickers or other paper decorations with a glue stick as desired.

Other Gift Bags




Drawstring gift bag

Make a decorative fall gift bag by cutting two squares of heavy paper (12 inches by 10 inches) with a fall theme. (Expired wallpaper sample book paper works well). Fold the edges in on four sides 1/2-inch on both papers. With white glue, close one of the 10-inch sides to make a neat seam on both sheets. Align the two sheets together, right side out, and use a machine to sew a straight stitch 1/4-inch on the other three sides; leave the glued edge as the top of the gift bag. To add a handle, cut a 14-inch gold cord, tie a knot to each end, then secure to the inside of the bag by slipping them inside the seams at the top when stitching the sides.

Create a pretty fabric drawstring gift bag by stitching three sides (along two long and one short sides), right side in, of two rectangular pieces of fall-themed fabric (12 inches by 8 inches) 1/4-inch from the edge. Turn the bag right side out and iron flat. Fold the fabric at the open end into the bag 2 inches in and iron the crease. Make a small hole at one end of the bag near the top fold. Place a ribbon drawstring into the fold around the bag so the two ends come out of the hole. Straight stitch along the top of the bag just below the drawstring to secure it. Sew on decorative touches like lace and hot glue little flowers or buttons.


By Natasha Lawrence, eHow Contributor

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